We know how to win at MATCHPOINT...


MatchPoint is a specialist consultancy that helps win competitive bids and approvals for new projects.

We have helped win more than $65 billion of contracts and investment funding – for the largest and smallest clients, across industries, and around the world.


Create compelling pitches that win

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Competitive Bids


We are one of Australia’s leading bid consultants. We’ve helped win more than $65 billion of contracts and investment funding – at dramatically increased win rates, against the toughest competition in the world.

Our secret is to work in partnership with the bid team to:

  • Disrupt conventional thinking to create the best possible customer solution
  • Drive an expert process to deliver the most persuasive and compelling case

We help win the bid, take the stress out of the process, and get the best from any team.


Choose from the following Competitive Bid services to boost your chances of success:




Jump start your bid through key relationships

  • Map decision process and key decision influencers
  • Set perception objectives
  • Explore value sensitivity
  • Plan early positioning
  • Track stakeholders online


Build an edge

  • Issue analysis
  • Competitive inventory
  • Differentiation strategy
  • Value proposition and ‘win themes’
  • Integrated communication plan




Persuade off the page

  • Document writing plan
  • Value heat chart
  • Document reviews
  • Edit draft text and graphics
  • Executive summary – plan, draft and edit
  • Layout and formatting
  • Design, printing and production


Secure commitment, face-to-face

  • Audience analysis & objectives
  • Plan structure and content
  • Coach personal delivery
  • Develop visual aids & slides
  • Co-ordinate event management


Inspire and enable peak performance

  • Opportunity profiling
  • Bid / no bid assessment
  • Bid document production plan
  • Web portal document control
  • War room set up (physical or virtual)
  • Track progress and chase input against plan
  • Bid health check
  • ‘Completion’ check