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MatchPoint is a specialist consultancy that helps win competitive bids and approvals for new projects.

We have helped win more than $65 billion of contracts and investment funding – for the largest and smallest clients, across industries, and around the world.

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Case Studies



“David and Goliath - displacing a global heavyweight competitor”

How to build a billion dollar copper mine in Central Asia? Make it technically world class, but for low cost – very low cost. And MatchPoint’s customer had to dislodge a global leader, ten times bigger and already working with the customer. Worse still, they had one of their board members sitting on the customer’s board.

Do something different.
Disrupt conventional thinking.

Copy world best designs, provide engineering from India, fabricate large chunks in China, and offer enrolments for the customer’s staff in a European academy for project managers.

“Western plant, Asian built” became the catch cry as millions of dollars and were progressively trimmed from the budget and months cut from the schedule. Our client captured the heart of the customer, successfully won the contract, and displaced the much larger competitor. They are now front runners for the next three mining developments.



“Blood from a stone – squeezing added value into government tenders”

Government tenders are notorious for leaving little room to move. So in a tender for collecting and distributing national industry intelligence, was there any alternative to offering the lowest cost administrative service? Thankfully, yes.

Recognising the political anxiety surrounding the success of this national initiative, we worked with our client to add several levels of extra assurance:

  • Gathering international experts to participate in a virtual think tank
  • Provide direction through a quarterly executive steering group
  • Securing a “Big 4” business advisory firm to audit performance

So an apparently dull administrative service was transformed into a world best practice, expert leadership and unimpeachable assurance. Perfect for a government customer in a new initiative. Our client won the contract against lower priced competition, successfully renewed the contract after 3 years, and continues to enjoy an intimate dialogue with central government policy makers.