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We have helped win more than $65 billion of contracts and investment funding - for the largest and smallest clients, across industries, and around the world.


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Write to Win 


Do you want to learn a simple, fresh way to write compelling documents?

So many business documents are let down by just one thing - their writing style. They are too heavy, boring and confusing to hold the reader's attention, so they stand little chance of being interesting or understood. In this workshop we will review and benchmark your current style and then coach you towards a more effective way to write.

Learning outcomes

Attendees of this workshop will be able to:

  • Focus a message
  • Structure information to persuade
  • Express themselves clearly
  • Make their point succinctly
  • Write with conviction
  • Achieve the right tone for the task


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Feedback from attendees

"I found myself using what I had learned the next day. I now feel confident using a style which I feel has not been widely used in the organisation"
"The benchmarking of my own work has given me a clear direction for improvement"
"I use it every day and have not received negative feedback yet"
"Simple tips that can actually be used"
"It was useful to also look at writing styles used by others and where I could use these to my benefit"
Helps me deliver "persuasive structure, concise language and tone"
"Challenges the mindset"
"Will help [me] focus on clarity and consciousness of the message"