The MATCHPOINT formula for success


MatchPoint is a specialist consultancy that helps win competitive bids and approvals for new projects.

We have helped win more than $65 billion of contracts and investment funding – for the largest and smallest clients, across industries, and around the world.


To win, your message needs to stand out from the crowd

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For Great Presentations – Talk to the Dog

Important business presentations can get very intense and dull – so here's the secret to really connecting with your audience.

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Write Backwards! Win Bids

Most proposals don't sell as well as they could, because most people write them the wrong way round. The intention is right, but the approach is wrong.

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How to Stuff up a Competitive Bid

Here’s a light hearted view on how to make absolutely sure you don't win.

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Make it Personal

Good bids focus tightly on what customers say they need. Great bids also cover what the customer actually wants.

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Get Real About Winning Bids

The best bids are generally built around four key components: good client relationships, persuasive bid documents, compelling presentations and powerful bid strategy.

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Turning Bids into Newspapers

How do newspapers successfully compete for readers every day? Through typography - communicating through the printed word - or in other words, layout.

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Come to Your Senses - Don’t Bid!

Countless organisations would be happy if they never had to put in another bid. But they might just change their minds if they looked at bidding a little differently.

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The Four Pillars of Persuasion

Ultimately, bids, presentations and pitches need to persuade – and the secret of effective persuasion can be unlocked by using just four essential elements.

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At a Glance

People read images not words. So you can increase the chance of winning by turning the pages of your bid document into a series of 'information pictures'.

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Tackling the Project Approval Bikies

Getting new projects reviewed and approved can sometimes feel like walking into a pub full of bikies. So how do you get safely to the bar?

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