The MATCHPOINT formula for success


MatchPoint is a specialist consultancy that helps win competitive bids and approvals for new projects.

We have helped win more than $65 billion of contracts and investment funding – for the largest and smallest clients, across industries, and around the world.


To win, your message needs to stand out from the crowd

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Process Materials  

Issues Analysis Getting all “Donald Rumsfeld” on them

Known knowns, known unknowns, unknown unknowns… what keeps your client awake at night?

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Opportunity Profile What it’s worth to you AND them

Use this checklist to understand the true potential and value of the work. For you, and your client.

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Relationship Stages Strangers in the night or a meaningful relationship?

This pyramid diagram will help determine the strength of relationship.

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Benefit Analysis They only want ONE thing from you…

… but it comes in three forms; more return, less risk, and greater options. Determine the core benefits you can offer your client.

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Persuasive Argument Why Choose Us?

Do you understand their issues? Can you offer a response? What is the benefit? Do you have proof you can deliver?

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Competitive Edge Got, Get, Invent – are you good enough?

If you don’t offer a compelling competitive advantage, what needs to be done?

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80% Win Check What story are you telling?

Use this checklist when you are 80% though to review your document to make sure it does the job you want it to.

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Communication Plan Never rely on the document alone

How are you communicating your message? Think about the methods available to help create stakeholder endorsement.

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Audience Analysis Planner Who are they, and what do they need?

Determine who your audience is and what their motivations are. Reflect on these and include them within your pitch.

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Presentation Checklist The devil in the detail

Think about logistics for the presentation. Make sure everyone knows what is required of them.

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